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If you’re considering a new roof, a flat roof is a great option for your property. They are easy to clean, prevent leaks and if necessary they can be repaired at an affordable price. Their low maintenance is a major selling point for flat roofs.

Flat roofing services we provide:

• Flat roof installations

• Flat roof replacements

• Flat roof repairs

• Flat roof maintenance

• Flat roof advice


Don't hesitate to contact us. We will guide you by giving you sound advice on what kind of roofing services your property requires. We also provide a choice of various roofs.

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Providing top quality flat roof services in Nottinghamshire

At D & S Roofing, we have a team of fully equipped staff who are expert flat roof installers. Flat roofs can be easily installed, repaired and maintained. They give you the desired protection, look and feel.


• Flat roofs come in many varieties, including:

• Built-up roof (BUR)

• Modified bitumen roof

• Rubber membrane roof

• Flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs

• Flat roofs can be easily installed, repaired and maintained

• Flat roofs that come with waterproof seals prevent leakage

• Gravel flat roofs are an excellent fire retardant

• Their light-coloured mineral surface reflects heat

• Flat roofs are resistant to scuffs and tears

• Leakage can be easily fixed, in case of flat roofs

Why choose a flat roof system?